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What is the MSPMM Team?   

Muslim Single Professional Match Maker (Professional & Business) is the premier Muslim eligible professional matrimonial service started by a team of the USA, Canadian & UK Muslim Professionals. It focuses on providing the Muslim community with a wide selection of potential matrimonial candidates. Candidates preserve their dignity and values throughout the process. We provide Muslims a platform to meet other Muslims from every part of the world. We provide different services and we aim to assist Muslim singles from the USA, Canada & the UK mostly but, from time to time and on special request, we also help Muslims from other countries in finding a life partner for marriage.

Why Choose the MSPMM Team?  

Many Muslim singles express their frustration with the many hours they spend online searching for that perfect person. With the MSPMM Team, your matchmaker will spend these hours on your behalf. Our goal is to help you find that perfect person.

What is the Step By Step Process To Getting Married?

These are our suggestions for every Muslim single to follow. These steps have worked for many Muslims in the past, and they may also work for you.

*There are good men/women out there and there are good fakers too!  learn to find the genuine one.

1: Process for Muslim Single Prospects Born OR Raised in USA/Canada:-

• If you like to get married soon, then Please do not lie, download, complete and  email the
   " USMSPMM_Marriage_Biodata_Profile_V2.doc "  form to

  ** You can download file from this link

• You can also read the detail on the following link

• This form will be posted on FB Group

 and it is our private members, only group. Currently, This is a manual process.

2: Process for Muslim Singles Around the World  :

You can create a free profile on for your friends/sisters/yourself
to get married to Muslims.  Members can search online database them self. On the
third page you have option to write detail (* Profile *Family Details *Expectations)

Once you complete the registration and submit the form . It takes 1 to 7 days and you will get the approval of your profile and password by email. We give every new person Free Silver Limited membership first time. Plese also read our COD-Code of Conduct page.  

Create at least a free profile on the webs. 
   1-1* Please add a nice photo of yourself that is less than six months old.

   1-2* Fill out the profile information as much as possible.
   1-3* Profiles with a picture and more details have a better chance of a response.
   1-4* Create profile and on third page you have option to write detail (* Profile, *Family Details,

3: Our Questions page for each group:-

  • Only for prospect born/raised in USA/Canada 
    • Currently it is a Manual process
  • Single professional also Read our Professional Questions page
  • Religious people read our religious questions page
  • Convert Muslim take a look into the Convert  Muslim QA Page
  • All Other Single people read question at the bottom of About US page.
  1. Create / Update to a paid profile if the free profile does not work for you. You can search our Database yourself.
    1. Pay for the featured profile that may help you to increase your chances to be noticed. Only paid members can do that.
    2. Visit our Muslim Single Match Maker Event page on our website. It may provide you info about upcoming Singles Events arranged by US and other Muslim Matrimonial services in the USA, Canada & UK only. You can decide if you would like to attend or not. You can meet singles face to face.
  2. You can also join our Facebook page. The link is on our website in the top right corner.
    This may also help you.

    If you would also like to post a message on our Facebook page, there are two good ways to do that:

       * Mention the profile # you created on the website.
       * Add some basic details and info to your Facebook message for a good response.

  3. If you are a professional and have LinkedIn account. You can also join us on our LinkedIn page.  OR click LinkedIn icon on top right corner on our website.

  4. Get help from personal matchmakers. If all above steps do not work for you and you need more help. Please visit Live Muslim Match Maker page on our website at the bottom and you will find MSPMM & many other Personal matchmaker listed on that page.
  5. Read our FAQ page at the bottom of our website also if you hit by any issue during the registration OR Profile Creation.  You can contact us at .
  6. We hope you will find these steps helpful in your search.
  7. Free & Paid Membership:-
  • Only paid profile members (Gold & Platinum ) from U.S.A , Canada & UK have the option to talk to our matchmaker on the phone . If you need further assistance to find someone you have to pay extra for their service. You should upload your picture, Income & Job detail before the phone call.   

  • Members of other countries only have the option to search our database them self and contact us by email . Currently, we do not provide them the Phone option.

  • All members can post there add on our FaceBook page if they like . Our FaceBook pages run by our volunteers and they point to our website .

  • All Professional members can join our Likedin page and it runs by our volunteers and point to our website .






















Any Background Check on Applicants?   

At this time, we do not do any type of verification or background check that an applicant can depend on. It is recommended that you read Safety Tips, consult with trusted families and friends, and last but not least use your own judgment in all your practice.

There are good (Men/Women) out there and there are good fakers too! Learn to find the genuine one!

Different groups:-

Muslim Single Professional Match Maker Group (Professional & Business) will be helping Muslims to find better match using different techniques and methods.

  1: Muslim Single Professionals /  Muslim Single Business Owners
  2: Muslim Single Religious people
  3: Ghar Damad
  4: Muslim Single Millionaires -- You should be a millionaire to register in this group. This is our private group.
       They want  (Beauty, Brains,Body,Balance, Etc...)
   5: Muslim Convert   -- This group is launched in 2016 on the request of many new convert Muslims.  
  *: General Group (Default)

Different Profiles:-

1: Public Profile   -- Our website, Only members can see detail profile.
2: Private Profile  -- Only match makers can see your profile. This is our private database.


This is the question you may ask before marrying someone:-
Am I Marrying the Right Person?

Personality Types:

* Read about different personality type:
* Better to take Muslim personality test. 

and then go to any website and try to find your personality and be honest when you answer questions. It will help you to understand yourself and what type of people you may fit best.  It is only 20% picture of yourself.

  1. * Honesty :- 25% 
  2. * Personality:  20%
  3. * Avoid Marrying the wrong person  :- 20%
  4. * Other:- 20%  
  5. * UN-non:- 15%

Muslim Single Religious People:-

There will be separate Religious compatibility Q&A for the people who are in this group. For these people religion matter more than anything else. They have good Islamic knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals in depth and what Islam say about marriage and responsibilities of wife, husband and rules of Islam.

* Please take Muslim personality test:

     and provide the result.

* Also send your Questions you like to ask your future spouse?

Example Questions:-

Muslim Single Millionaires:

You should be a millionaire to register in this group. There will be a call from us to you. We are going to talk to each one of you in this group and this is our private group. So we can understand you better. Your net worth should be at least US$ 5 Million at the time you register in the group and attend the event.

We also specialize in a niche that we understand and the people that we can understand. This allow, us to work in a completely unique way to the everyday matrimonial service. In this group, we speak to each individual on the phone so we can understand them in more detail and what exactly they are looking. We bring other professionals to understand you better also. . We may also work with other similar services around the world for better coordination.
We also try to make a personal visit to your home and meet you personally. So we have better understand of you.

What Wealthy & Very Rich Want ?

** beauty, brains, body and balance **

No. 10: Ambition and Industriousness
No. 9: Desire for Home and Children
No. 8: Good Looks
No. 7: Good Health 
No. 6: Sociability
No  5: Pleasing Disposition
No. 4: Education and Intelligence
No. 3: Emotional Stability and Maturity
No. 2: Dependable Character
No. 1: ________________?


Questions came from Boys/Girls.Like to know but do not want to ask?

Question for Both:-

1:- What was one of the most important qualities that you are looking for in a spouse?
2:- If you could describe your spouse in 3 words, what would they be?
3:- What do you think is the most important aspect of any successful relationship? Why?
4:- Is there anything else about you that not a lot of people know about, but you wish they did?


Women/Girls:-  Like to know from men/boys

After Marry what type of life they going to expect

0: What 5 qualities/things you look in a wife?
1: Joint Family Or Separate Living ?
2: Can they work on their own desire OR Not ?
3: What type of wife you like - Working Wife OR House Wife OR Both are fine?
4: She have to take care of the home 100% OR some help is available ?
5: You have any full time OR part time servant to help in the home or not?
6: Are you one of top 20% income earner in your Country where you work OR below 20% ?
7: After marry, you have to support your Parents/Other Family members also financially or not ?
8: Is it matter for you to marry in -- Rich/ Middle/ Poor family or Not?
9: Have you read the Quran complete translation in your mother language. So you can understant it--- Yes /No

10:What are your religion knowledge 1____5____10 (1 mean no Knowledge, 5 mean in the middle and 10 mean best and you know it very well) 


Men/Boys:- Like to Know from Women/Girls

After Marry what type of corporation they going to do

0: What 5 thing you look in a husband ?
1: Willing to live in joint family OR not possible at all ?
2: Joint OR Separate OR both Family models are possible or not? 
3: You are a home maker (Like to clean, cook and decorate home)  OR does not matter?
4: Mostly like to eat home OR like to go out and eat?
5: Are you a spender OR saver ?
6: You like to create budget OR not for the month?
7: Like to live in big home OR small one is fine too?
8:You know how to balance between home & work. If in case you have to work?
9: Are you a complainer OR like to compromise?
10: You like to look toward people have more than you OR less than you ?
11. After marry is you family need any financial help OR Not ?
12: Is it matter for you to marry in -- Rich/ Middle/ Poor family or Not?
13: Your cabinets are full of clothes and shoes OR you spend moderately ?
14: Have you read the Quran complete translation in your mother language. So you can understant it--- Yes /No?
15:What are your religion knowledge 1____5____10 (1 mean no Knowledge, 5 mean in the middle and 10 mean best and you know it very well) 
14: ETC...




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