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When you register, you join our basic program. We also have free and paid memberships.


All members can search our database to find matches.
   * Free Members can do a basic search.
   * Paid Members can do an advanced search.

Featured Profile:-

Paid members can pay extra for a featured profile, and it may increase your chances of being noticed. 
The cost is US $50 for three months.


We arrange Single Muslim professional & business events for singles. We also help others to arrange similar events, for which we provide organizational management and a program, so we can help the Muslim singles community.

General Match Maker:-
We work with many other matchmakers also. We can help each other to find good matches for Muslim singles. 

Personal Match Maker:-
This is a service, for an extra charge, in which one matchmaker will be assigned to you and help you find a match.

Elite Match Maker:-

This is an elite service, for which you pay a higher fee, and in which team members will get to know and understand your unique needs for a life partner and try to help match those needs and then introduce you based on a personality match.

* Elite Match Maker  - Millionaire Match Maker        

During our meeting, matchmaking experts conduct in-person Client assessments and interviews to ascertain what type of partner and dynamic relationship will be most compatible for you. We learn from your likes, dislikes, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in past relationships – as well as what is best for you. We get to know each individual on a very personal level.
We develop Client-approved Benchmarks that outline the Client’s preferences and deal breakers. The benchmark phase includes exploring as many as key personal, professional, and social indicators.
The purpose of the Benchmark phase is to focus the scope of the search. As relationship experts, Selective Search matchmakers are trained to identify the potential compatibility of a couple beyond the obvious indicators. These Benchmarks are a “living document” and will evolve as the search process continues.

Selective Search matchmakers and Affiliate relations experts conduct personal interviews to screen each match. During Screening, Affiliates undergo the same comprehensive assessment that our Clients do, and are only selected if they have certain level of  compatibility.


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